Sunday, March 31, 2013

Two Color theme Matching Widget Pack

New Two Color Theme matching Widgets Pack.

Including Semi Transparent...

  1.  FM Radio Toggle
  2.  FM Transmitter Toggle
  3.  Big Analog Clock
  4.  Bluetooth Toggle
  5.  Caller ID Toggle
  6.  Cellular Toggle
  7.  Digital Clock
  8.  DLNA Toggle
  9.  Mobile Data Tracker Widget
  10.  Network Toggle
  11.  NFC Toggle
  12.  Offline Toggle
  13.  Rotation Unlock Toggle
  14.  Silent Toggle
  15.  VPN Toggle
  16.  Wi-Fi Toggle

Note:- Toggle "Widget Pack" can be change via "Joshlog  patch, Power Patch or Chris Patch" so you need add any one of them patch first. If you already using that patch so just change your Toggle Widget pack in E:\Resource\apps or C:\Resource\Apps, whatever patch you are using.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Theme :- Two Color

Hi Guys,

This is my first try in theme section. I have work hard on this. I have tried to added cool icons and cool widget as well.

Theme Features :-

* New Icons
* New Color
* Lite weight Icons
* Nice UI
* Fast Response
* New look in File Manager
* New layout
* Attractive Keyboard
* Attractive Widgets

* Lots of cool other things


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Clock+Weather Widget (Without Flashing)

Digital Clock + Weather widget for Belle Device...

Download the Clock weather.sis file and install it in your phone...

Note:- Hack phone Mandatory...

P.S. :- If you are installing this widget your phone's all home screen will delete and that widget appear on the 4th home-screen but after installing this widget, your phone getting unlimited home-screen and this widget too. But don't move that widget in any home screen or any other way in current home-screen, because if you do this that widget will broken.. and you never back it again.. as the same.. you need to uninstall it again and install it again.. if once this widget is broken.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Symbian Developer Splashscreen

This is my first try in splashscreen mod, i hope you all like it...

This is Dedicated to Symbian Developer Forum...

Thanks to all Symbian Developer Team who allow me to use the wallpaper and logo.


Special Thanks to INder Dǝǝp (Silver Blade)
(for the wallpaper and Text)

How to use it...

First use power patch or joshlog patch or Chrispatch if you already using this then see the below steps.

1. Download Symbian Developer file

2. Extract it any drive.

3. Copy "Splashscreen.mif" file via X-plore apps or any other similar apps.

4. Paste it on E:\resource\apps\ folder and restart your phone.

5. Voila... its done ....  :) 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Solution]: Nokia OVI Store after Hard Reset for Belle Refresh.

Hi Guys,

After "Nokia Belle Refresh update" many people try to find solution for Nokia OVI Store after hard reset but they did not find the correct solution because  Nokia Belle Refresh has QT 4.8 which is higher version as compare with previous Belle. So guys Good news for you who using Belle Refresh and who want to get back Nokia OVI store after hard reset, here is the 10 simple steps for that.

No need require Hack phone
Its working with Non-Hack or Hack phone.
No more Flashing again for Nokia Ovi Store.

~~~~****~~~~****~~~~ ***** Happy Diwali **** ~~~~****~~~~****~~~~

On the precious moment of diwali I wish you happy diwali and I pray that you get all your endeavors fulfilled as well as you get lots of gifts and sweets this diwali.

From :-


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tutorial :- How to Change your Theme Effects

Hi Guys,

Many people newbie here and they don't know how to change there Theme Effects with the "Power patch"  or the Custom Theme Effects Mod.

Here is the tutorial for the newbie who don't know how to change there theme effects. Just follow the tutorial and your theme effects will change easily.

01. Install "Power patch" in your phone or use Custom Theme effects mods.



02 .  "Off" your Theme Effects from Settings->Themes->General->Option-> Theme effects Off.




03. Open Mass Memory and Make a New folder with the name of "Theme Effects".

04. Copy your favorite Theme effects inside THEME EFFECTS folder. 

E.G. -> E:\Effects\ your theme effects all files.

05. If you already using anyone theme effects and you want to change that theme effects with new one then also follow the above method and just ignore the 03 step and do the new step instead of 03rd step .. 

06. Rename your Effects folder in Mass Memory and make a new folder with the name of "Effects"

E. G. -> E:\OldEffects

07. Copy your favorite Theme effects inside THEME EFFECTS folder. 



08.  "On" Your Theme effects and Change your theme and enjoy the new Theme Effects.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Normas Mif Patch for Taylor Leak CFW users only

Hi Guys,

Here is another Patch of mine for Taylor Leak CFW users only (Based on 111.040.1511 Euro3).

How to use:-

Download Normas Interruptor mif patch.7z file

Move it in C:\sys\bin\ folder via X-plore apps or any other file moving apps.

if you find AknIcon.dll file already exists in C:\sys\bin\ folder then please rename this file
restart your phone.

Move Normas Interruptor mif patch "AknIcon.dll" to C:\sys\bin\ folder and use any mif file in your phone's E:\resource\apps\ folder and restart your phone.

VoilA its work :)

Download here

Alien Techz Power Patch One Click Installation for Nokia 500 Belle Refresh


Guys I'm Back again with Alien Techz Power Patch One Click Installation for Nokia 500  Belle Refresh. As i promised this Patch has many more features.

Phone Must be hack and make sure you using OFW belle refresh, 

If you Using CFW (belle refresh made by you or someone else) so re-check all below mods not using in Z drive if yes then don't use this file.

Here is the features list.

1. Joshlog patch(modded By RareMinD)

2. Belle base pkg theme effect

3. New Mif

4. New Radio Background

5. RM Radio Landscape Mod

6. Browser cache to E Drive

7. Profile Name Editor

8. Kinetic scrolling

9. Send protected files

10. Tactiles v2

11. Unlock screen In landscape mod

Nokia 500 Belle Refresh Screen shot.

Here is Nokia 500 Belle Refresh Screen Shots.

Thanks to Le Nathaniel for this screen shots.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Belle Refresh For Nokia 500 Now available.

Few day's back previous Symbian^3 device got the Belle Refresh Update but Nokia 500 Users not getting this. Finally Belle refresh Available for Nokia 500 in Navifirm, or OTA or Nokia OVI Suite too.

Click here to download  Belle refresh for Nokia 500

Click here to view Screen shots.

Or Click On Shortcut menu " Belle Refresh Download here " and download all files and flash with Phoenix with Dead USB procedure.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Power Belle V3.1 for C6-01 [RM-718- Version -610] Only English

Important Note:- If you using Belle Refresh on your phone, then you can not flash your phone with Power Belle V3.1 because Power Belle Based on 111.030.0609 belle version and Belle Refresh Greater then Power belle's Version.

Please Read Full Post Before Downloading Power Belle V3.1

Friday, August 31, 2012

Power Patch One Click Installation for Belle Refresh


Guys I'm Back again with one click installation patch. This patch only for Belle Refresh Users. After  many requests for that patch i have made it that one patch.... as i promised this Patch has many more features.

Phone Must be hack and make sure you using OFW belle refresh, 

If you Using CFW (belle refresh made by you or someone else) so re-check all below mods not using in Z drive if yes then don't use this file.

Here is the features list.

  1. Belle base pkg theme effect
  2. Browser cache to E Drive
  3. Profile Name Editor
  4. Joshlog patch
  5. Kinetic scrolling
  6. Send protected files
  7. Tactiles v2

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Belle Refresh for N8, C7-00, E7, C6-01, X7, E6 and Nokia 500 Original Firmware.

Hi Guys,

Many people not find Belle Refresh update in their phone, and those people find the update in their phone its only about 18 MB nearby so guys don't update your phone with Software update in your phone which is 18MB something.

My Personal Advice to you  Download Full update files and flash with your phone. Belle Refresh available in Navifirm, Nokia OVI Suite and via OTA too. But you still not getting update via Nokia Suite or Via OTA, Do not panic, I will attach  here Belle Refresh files for you. Just download it and flash via Phoenix with Dead USB procedure.

Nokia Belle Refresh (Trimmed Belle FP1) will roll out for following Symbian Belle devices:-

  • Nokia N8
  • Nokia C7 
  • Nokia E7 
  • Nokia C6-01 
  • Nokia X7 
  • Nokia E6 
  • Nokia 500

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Copy and paste via X-plore Apps any file or folder.

  • Install X-plore apps in your phone's C drive first.


  • After installed this. Open X-Plore apps from Menu

  • If your X-plore apps not showing Z drive just do this. Click on Menu button in X-plore apps.


  • Then goto Tool Option and Click configuration option.


  • Select show ROM drivers, Check it in box and click on Back button.


  • Follow the above method for copying your file or folder.
  • Now your file or folder copied successfully with the above method.

  • Now follow the below method for pasting.

  • After copied your files or folder just follow the above method press double tap where i mentioned in the above pic and after do this its showing all folder in C drive so double press on the target folder and paste your copied files or folder there.

  • if you unable to do this... follow the below method.


  • One time press the select drive... where you want to copying you folder or file...then Click on Menu - select file- Make Dir.

  • Now after showing that screen click on Cancel button.


  • Now its showing your C drive folder double press your target folder where you want to paste your file or folder.