Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Solution]: Nokia OVI Store after Hard Reset for Belle Refresh.

Hi Guys,

After "Nokia Belle Refresh update" many people try to find solution for Nokia OVI Store after hard reset but they did not find the correct solution because  Nokia Belle Refresh has QT 4.8 which is higher version as compare with previous Belle. So guys Good news for you who using Belle Refresh and who want to get back Nokia OVI store after hard reset, here is the 10 simple steps for that.

No need require Hack phone
Its working with Non-Hack or Hack phone.
No more Flashing again for Nokia Ovi Store.

Just download "OVI Store Solution for Belle Refresh.zip" file and install it according to their numbers.

Please "On" your Mobile Data Connection or Wi-fi Connection first before proceeding the below steps.
All files needs to be install in C drive if ask.


Step - 1 . Install "01 - CWRT Core 1.00(11124).sisx" file.


Step - 2 -  Install "02 - Nokia Store client v3.30(18) update.sisx" file.

Note:- After finish second step, Nokia Store will open for few minor installations, after done this Nokia Store open successfully, but my personal Recommendation is just close this Store and do all the steps first. 


Step  - 3 -  Install "03 - lkmservice.sisx" file.


Step - 4 - Install "04 - opeservice.sisx" file.

Step - 5 - Install "05 - ovistoreclient.sisx" file.

Step - 6 - Install "06 - ovistorenfcplugin.sisx" file.


Step - 7 - Install "07 - qtcomponents_v1.01(0).sis" file.


Step - 8 - Install "08 - sso.sis" file.


Step - 9 - Install "09 - storeinstaller.sisx" file.


Step - 10 - Install "10 - storelauncher.sisx" file.

Congratulation "Nokia OVI Store 3.30.18" get back Successfully.



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  1. request ovi store for my cfw he..he..sorry out of topic
    i mean ovi store for rofs
    thank you very much

    1. Mate... just try to add this OVI all files in rofs2 and flash.. but remember before flashing.. delete the same all files from UDA.

  2. unpack with sys content or immediately put in rofs2/system/install..?? thank for help

    1. Yes.. Unpack with Siscontent.... and add it in rofs.

  3. will try and report..!!! thanks for all bro

  4. come back for report..!! working fine but name on icon store become ovistore_2002d07f,,..?? any idea for solved it..?? thanks bro

  5. Replies
    1. if you are done with above first two steps.. then try to open nokia store first... if its working fine.. then leave it this step.

  6. Do you have a package with the default applications that come with nokia 500 belle. Lost mine after a hard reset.

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