Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tutorial :- How to Change your Theme Effects

Hi Guys,

Many people newbie here and they don't know how to change there Theme Effects with the "Power patch"  or the Custom Theme Effects Mod.

Here is the tutorial for the newbie who don't know how to change there theme effects. Just follow the tutorial and your theme effects will change easily.

01. Install "Power patch" in your phone or use Custom Theme effects mods.



02 .  "Off" your Theme Effects from Settings->Themes->General->Option-> Theme effects Off.




03. Open Mass Memory and Make a New folder with the name of "Theme Effects".

04. Copy your favorite Theme effects inside THEME EFFECTS folder. 

E.G. -> E:\Effects\ your theme effects all files.

05. If you already using anyone theme effects and you want to change that theme effects with new one then also follow the above method and just ignore the 03 step and do the new step instead of 03rd step .. 

06. Rename your Effects folder in Mass Memory and make a new folder with the name of "Effects"

E. G. -> E:\OldEffects

07. Copy your favorite Theme effects inside THEME EFFECTS folder. 



08.  "On" Your Theme effects and Change your theme and enjoy the new Theme Effects.

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