Monday, September 3, 2012

Alien Techz Power Patch One Click Installation for Nokia 500 Belle Refresh


Guys I'm Back again with Alien Techz Power Patch One Click Installation for Nokia 500  Belle Refresh. As i promised this Patch has many more features.

Phone Must be hack and make sure you using OFW belle refresh, 

If you Using CFW (belle refresh made by you or someone else) so re-check all below mods not using in Z drive if yes then don't use this file.

Here is the features list.

1. Joshlog patch(modded By RareMinD)

2. Belle base pkg theme effect

3. New Mif

4. New Radio Background

5. RM Radio Landscape Mod

6. Browser cache to E Drive

7. Profile Name Editor

8. Kinetic scrolling

9. Send protected files

10. Tactiles v2

11. Unlock screen In landscape mod

How to Use:- 

  • Download  Alien Techz Power Patch One Click Installation for Nokia 500  Belle Refresh.sis file
  • Install it in your phone's C Drive if ask.
  • After Installed click on Minicmd Icon from Menu.
  • Wait till then its showing restart your phone now.
  • Restart your phone and VoilA its working.  :)

  1. Check Theme Effects.
  2. Check your widget skins and battery color patch.
  3. Check Kinetic Scrolling.
  4. Check Vibration in Calls end or pickup
  5. Try to send any file via Bluetooth.
  6. Rename your General Profile
  7. Open FM Radio and see the Landscape

Tested by :- 

Download here:-

How To delete any mod if you want.

Open X-plore apps and Delete below mention files.

For Delete Belle base pkg theme effect
Remove that files via X-plore apps


For Delete Browser cache to E Drive
Remove that files via X-plore apps


For Delete Profile Name Editor
Remove that files via X-plore apps

For Delete Joshlog patch
Remove that files via X-plore apps

For Delete Kinetic scrolling
Remove that files via X-plore apps

For Delete Send protected files
Remove that files via X-plore apps

For Delete Tactiles v2 
Remove that files via X-plore apps


  1. mate, can u share the mif file u used in power patch for belle refresh??

    I messed up after installing ur patch I added c2zbin patch and some of my widget didnt appeared..

    I really need ur help mate..

    1. Mate... Extract that patch via Siscontent and there is folder inside the Data folder which is called MIF... there is all mif available....find it.

  2. can you please share the avkon2 file of alientech ?! i really love its signal and battery icon thanks

  3. mate plz give me directions for installing belle refresh on my nokia 500
    so i also enjoy it i really need your help

  4. Mate, just did USD dead flashing. can i install this Power patch...?

    1. Yes mate.... if you flash successfully with Belle refresh...

      and if your phone is Nokia 500 then you can use this power patch in your phone.

      but if you phone is Not Nokia 500 then click here for other phone's power patch.

    2. You need to hack your phone first before using this power patch because this power patch only working in hack phone.

      How to HACK Your Phone Click here

    3. ya mate, got the power patch...
      wat does New Mif and Tactiles v2 does...? i dont know wat they mean... Heeee...

    4. Just change .mif is the widget skin format, Just choose your favorite one widget skin mif file and move that file in E:\resource\apps\ folder and restart your phone...

      about the Tactile this is the mod which through you can feel short vibration when you pic up the call or end the call....

  5. How to remove landscape unlock mode from power patch help

    1. just delete this file... from C drive...


  6. Hello ! how to remove the camera changes?

    1. i want to go back to the old camera loading screen

    2. Just do one thing if you want to get back your original camera loading scree...

      Just copy your all "cameraapp.mif, cameraapp_aif.mif, camerasettingsplugin.mif" files from Z:\resource\apps\- drive and paste in E:\resource\apps\- and restart your phone...
      after restart you will get it your original camera loading screen.

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  8. Hi i want core file of alien techzv5.1 can u ?

  9. in camera when staring video recorder it says plese try restart the application after installing these patch