Sunday, March 31, 2013

Two Color theme Matching Widget Pack

New Two Color Theme matching Widgets Pack.

Including Semi Transparent...

  1.  FM Radio Toggle
  2.  FM Transmitter Toggle
  3.  Big Analog Clock
  4.  Bluetooth Toggle
  5.  Caller ID Toggle
  6.  Cellular Toggle
  7.  Digital Clock
  8.  DLNA Toggle
  9.  Mobile Data Tracker Widget
  10.  Network Toggle
  11.  NFC Toggle
  12.  Offline Toggle
  13.  Rotation Unlock Toggle
  14.  Silent Toggle
  15.  VPN Toggle
  16.  Wi-Fi Toggle

Note:- Toggle "Widget Pack" can be change via "Joshlog  patch, Power Patch or Chris Patch" so you need add any one of them patch first. If you already using that patch so just change your Toggle Widget pack in E:\Resource\apps or C:\Resource\Apps, whatever patch you are using.

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