Saturday, September 1, 2012

Power Belle V3.1 for C6-01 [RM-718- Version -610] Only English

Important Note:- If you using Belle Refresh on your phone, then you can not flash your phone with Power Belle V3.1 because Power Belle Based on 111.030.0609 belle version and Belle Refresh Greater then Power belle's Version.

Please Read Full Post Before Downloading Power Belle V3.1

Do Hard Reset first before flashing its Mandatory.

Please update social and Maps via Software update don't update Microsoft apps, its not working.

Change-log compared to Original frimware 111.030.0610.
  • Default Keyboard Back
  • All Widgets Added in RoM
  • Big Analog Clock
  • Big Mechanical Clock
  • One Line Music Player Widgets
  • Big Calendar
  • Small Calendar
  • Cellular Toggle
  • Contacts Widget
  • Mobile Data Tracker
  • Offline Widget
  • 2G/3G Widget
  • BT Widget
  • Profiles Widget
  • Operator Widget
  • RSS Feed Widget
  • Silent Widget
  • Weather Widget
  • New Digital Clock Transparent
  • New mini Analog Clock
  • New Digial Clock full Transparent
  • New Digital Clock Mini (Meego Style)
  • New Flip Clock
  • New Text Clock
  • Notes Widget
  • New Contacts Comms widget
  • Gallery Widget Ported From 808.
  • New Bootscreen (Powre Belle V3.0)
  • Browser cache to E
  • Camera Sound Disable by Camera Tone 1
  • New Conversation Msg edition
  • Logs Age (can be set 999 days)
  • OVI signin Disabled
  • Download resume on restart
  • Enable New Menu icons

  1. Device Manager
  2. USB
  3. Connection Manager
  4. Wi-Fi

  • Extra Symbol 5 page in msg selection
  • New Browser 8.3.11 ported from 808
  • KillMe Apps. version 1.36 (Added in ROM)
  • Home Screen wallpaper Changed
  • More Symbols in Powre Menu (Added in ROM)
  • Songs data can be edited (Added in ROM)
  • Popup Clock N9 style (Added in ROM)
  • Quick Lock Version 1.0 (Added in ROM)
  • Rom Patcher+ 3.1  (Added in ROM)
  • More Patches Added

      How To add Patches in "Add to Auto" or "Add to Domainserv" Click here
  1. BlockGPRS.rmp
  2. c2z4binBelleFixedbyiExtraX7.rmp
  3. ChangeDeviceId.rmp
  4. ChangeSoundParametersPath.rmp
  5. CRepository4all.rmp
  6. IncreaseSoundInLoudspeaker.rmp
  7. Install Server RP+ v1.7.rmp
  8. InstallServer RP+v1.4.rmp
  9. InstallServerRP+.rmp
  10. KeyLightEffects.rmp
  11. MixingRuleChangePath.rmp
  12. Open4All RP+.rmp
  13. ReadFullC by xCape.rmp
  14. RemoveHashCheck.rmp
  15. RemoveRecordingTone_S^3.rmp
  16. SaveClipboardAfterReboot(ForMod).rmp
  17. ShowRAMandROM(S^3).rmp
  18. Super Program Locks.rmp

  • installserver.exe Added in Rom
  • Rom patcher+ 3.1 added in Auto Start.
  • 10 Homescreens Allowed
  • 16 Backgrounds wallpaper added
  1. android.jpg
  2. beautiful.jpg
  3. boy-girl-love.jpg
  4. Earth-but.jpg
  5. flower.jpg
  6. func.jpg
  7. ipad black-knight.jpg
  8. ipad.jpg
  9. Iphone.jpg
  10. Keeley Hazell.jpg
  11. Kitty.jpeg
  12. nokia_n8.jpg
  13. Powerbelle.jpg
  14. toye-free.jpg
  15. Troll-face.jpg
  16. Wall.jpg
  • Base pkg effects for E drive (Added in C drive)
  • Latest "The Amazing Effects " by JinHao
  • Note:- If you want to use Theme FX apps in your phone Please delete "Base pkg effects for E drive" files from C drive via X-Plore apps.

     Note:- If you using already X-Plore apps in your phone please uninstall first before flashing, its Mandatory.

     How to Remove Base pkg file from C Drive
  1. C:\Resource\Effects\
  2. C:\Resource\Skins\101f84b9\101f84b9.sel
  3. C:\sys\Bin\aknskinsrv.dll
             Note:- Before deleting above files please turn off your Theme Effects from Settings/Themes/General/goto option and set it OFF. Reboot your phone and install Theme FX apps.
        • Default Profiles Can be Edited
        • domainsrv.exe Added in Rompatcher
        • FM Radio Landscape
        • joshlog patch Added (C Drive Can be removed easily via X-plore apps)

              How to Change your widget skin with Joshlog Patch Click here 

             How to remove Joshlog patch from C drive:-
        1. Rename C:\sys\bin\AknIcon.dll file
        2. AknIcon.dllold
        3. reboot your phone and Delete "AknIcon.dllold" file.
        4. joshlog patch will delete.

                • Super Kinetic scrolling added (in C drive Can removed Easily via X-Plore Apps)
                • Battery Life Increasing.
                • no vibration in Hard key lock (it will be enabled if you wish, just ask me...)
                • All files can be Send via Bluetooth
                • Headphone Sound Improved
                • (Just Enable "ChangeSoundParametersPath.rmp" patch in Rompatcher and add in "Add to Domainserv" Restart your phone and enjoy super Sound in Headphone)
                • SysAp 3.0 Added
                • Restart Button In Power Menu
                • Short Vibration alert in Call up & Call End (Both side)
                • X-plore Apps added in Full Version
                • (Note:- in menu X-plore apps have Two icons "X-Punrg" & "X-Plore", just open once "X-Punrg" and close it then open "X-Plore" no waiting for Three Seconds)
                • New Music Player 17.1.3 Ported From 808 (Searching song only in E:\Music & F:\Music Fixed)
                • Dolby Digital Option In Music Player
                • Dolby Digital Sign on Notification bar (Shown only When Headphone Connected)
                • New Task swither Ported From FP1
                • High Memory on Startup 135+ RAM
                • Reduced App closing delay time
                • Heap size increased to 512 instead of default 128
                • max retries for caching set to 8 instead of default 2
                • increasing Startup RAM
                • disabling Phonebook, Calendar, Messages, Clock, Search & QTAppBooster on startup.
                • JAVA Fix (No more permission msg. for java apps and other stuff)
                • Save clipboard even after reboot
                • Rename apps in menu & also create sub folders in folders
                • New Battery Indicator Android Style (Made By Skull ATos)
                • Latest pips installer Added Version 1.7 
                • Latest qt added, Version 4.7
                • Latest qt-components added, version 1.1
                • Latest qt mobility added, version 1.2
                • Latest qt webkit Added, version 4.8
                • Latest SSO (ROM Upgradtion) added, version 1.6.202 (2012)
                • Latest lkmservice added, version 1.1.21137
                • Latest opeservice Added, Version 3.30.12 (July 2012)
                • Latest ovi storeclient added, version 3.30
                • Latest ovi store nfc plugin added, Version 3.30 (new release 2012)
                • Latest Quality Improvement added, version 2012.
                • Latest CWRT Core added, version 1.00(11124)
                • Signal Server Upgrade
                • Symbian OS PIP Service Upgrade
                • Qt Quick components added
                • Ready to install folder added in E:\ drive,
                • Screen Snap apps available in E:\Readytoinstall folder
                • Now Playing Apps available in E:\Readytoinstall folder

                Removed Apps From UDA

                Go to Download Section for Downloading these apps.
                if you unable to download above mention apps, You can download these apps from OVI Store too.

                For Screen Shot of this power belle Click Here

                Bugs Removed:-

                Social Apps Fixed, Fmobi Fixed, Restart button fixed, Domainser.exe fixed, Phone Not restarting while pressing Camera button.

                Personal Recommendation:-
                Flash your phone with Dead USB Method via phoenix With This CFW.

                Please use Phoenix version 2011.46.002.47246 for best Result.

                Please Backup of your all phone's data before flashing and Backup your msgs and contacts via Nokia Suite too.

                How to Flash this CFW with Dead USB Method via Phoenix Click Here

                Known Bug :-

                Silent Icon Not appear while phone in Silent MOD bcoz of Sysap.
                After Pressing "Power Off" White Screen appear for 5-6 Seconds bcoz of Sysap.

                Hard Reset Effect.
                Ovi Store will gone.
                Latest QT will gone.

                Solution for after hard reset get back 

                Click here for OVI Solution after Hard Reset.

                Note :- All the Above Attachment link in 7.Zip compressed if you unable to extract above attachment files please download software for PC Click Here

                Download Power Belle V3.1 here only Media fire link.



                Taylor - For Widgets leaks.
                Manish - For Text clock and Note Widget for Rofs.
                Il.Socio - Rompatcher, Nokia Cooker and a lot more.
                CodeRUS - A lots of mods..
                Sklchan - Few cenrep mods
                Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
                iExtraX7 - Several pretty good mods.
                erorcun for porting 808 gallery widget
                Princess@Sátiro - Mod More Ram for Apps! 
                Walter Perez Ferreira - for Few Mods
                STRATEGIST - for AIO MODs and CFW Guide.
                SkullATOS - for Avkon file.
                Mbleyot for Conversation mod
                JinHao for The Amazing Effects for Theme
                Joshlog for Joshlog Patch
                Power Belle V3.0 © Normas Interruptor.

                Important Warning :- 

                If you using any CFW in your phone, Your phone warranty could be lost.

                I remind you that, I am not taking any responsibility in case of damage / problems of any kind arising from the flash or using this firmware on your device.

                Post Your Screen Shot Here...


                1. Thanks mate!!
                  Can you tell me how to get vibration back for key lock and how can i install video editor?

                  1. About the Vibration in Keylock

                    Open X-plore apps and Just delete this file...


                    and restart your phone your keylock vibration will back.

                    About the Video Editor so mate... use your own UDA and flash with power belle V3.1 all files except for UDA but if you using your own UDA so all removed application will be back which is i have removed from UDA.

                  2. Thanks again for the awesome belle oops power belle!!
                    BTW you indian?

                  3. Me too indian was just curious :p

                  4. Game saves kahan rahte bata sakte ho?

                  5. Forgot to ask Can I flash it over belle refresh?
                    And can i use mobile cleaner on this fw??

                  6. Just extract game sis file via siscontent and see how many folder and which name with, find that folder in C drive or somewhere else where you installed your game and copy all data from that particular folders in private.

                  7. Thanks mate! I am flashing it now.

                2. This comment has been removed by the author.

                  1. Yes you can use any apps with this firmware... but not install microsoft apps....

                3. I'm using RM 601 mate.. :(

                  please release soon..

                  I can't wait no longer..

                  1. which belle version you using mate.. ???????

                  2. now I'm using Belle Refresh downloaded from here mate..

                    it is hacked now, and I'm using ur power patch (it is really awesome mate), meteor effect v2 from jinhao and battery mod from ivo777.. and I'm planning on add some mod for sound improvement mate.. but it's nothing compare with ur cfw mate, ur cfw is superb..

                  3. mate.. currently i'm still using power belle V3.1 bcoz i have short time so can't flash my phone with new belle refresh.

                    when i feel free i will make it CFW for Belle Refresh Users.

                  4. I see.. thank u mate.. I hope u get some spare time so u can make it.. :)

                    yea, with Belle Refresh as base mate..

                4. Norman need help i screwed up my phone!
                  waiting to communicate operation failed
                  Error- unable to detect phone after flashing
                  PS: i was using belle refresh before it is anyhing to do with

                  1. ok i reflashed with belle refresh now its fine
                    can you tell me how to downgrade?

                  2. should i use the process mentioned on dailymobile??

                  3. @geky fela : - yes mate follow the tutorial which is available in Dailymobile.

                  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

                  5. thanks mate for answering my silly and noob questions
                    now i have a last question - What is the lowest firmware of c6 01?Is it one with the lowest version number in navifirm?
                    Thanks again :)

                  6. Mate in Navifirm 12.6 is the lowest firmware version of your phone.

                5. Hey can i update nokia belle refresh(RM-718) to this frimware......??

                  1. No... you can't.. its based on Previous Belle... and you are using Belle you are using Higher version of belle and this firmware based on lower version.

                6. So Wht can i do if i want to flash this frimware..???

                  1. you need to downgrade your phone with lower firmware first then you flash with this.

                    Click Here How to Downgrade your phone.

                7. thanks dost...!! :)
                  I will Try It...
                  Will u make cfw of belle refresh for c6 01 Rm-718..??

                8. hey is the size of core file 77 mb only..??

                9. Hey mate are you going to mod frimware for c6 01 with belle fp2 features..??
                  Cause fp2 is out for 603,808,701..etc

                  1. FP2 is too difficult to port... well some other modders working on that... i hope... they will port some interesting feature for all S^3 device...

                10. Hope So they mod its for s^3 devices..!