Power Belle V3.1 for C7-00 [RM-675] Only English

Important Note:- If you using Belle Refresh on your phone, then you can not flash your phone with Power Belle V3.1 because Power Belle Based on 111.030.0609 belle version and Belle Refresh Greater then Power belle's Version.

Please Read Full Post Before Downloading Power Belle V3.1

Do Hard Reset first before flashing its Mandatory.

Please update social and Maps via Software update don't update Microsoft apps, its not working.

Existing Power Belle V3.0 user Just Download Core, Rofs2 And Rofs3 file and flash with previous UDA and other supported files.

New User Download All files and flash.

Change-log compared to Original frimware 111.030.0609.
  • Nokia 808 Keyboard added
  • RAM increase for Apps.
  • New Camera Skin like Meego.
  • All Widgets Added in RoM
  • Big Analog Clock
  • Big Mechanical Clock
  • One Line Music Player Widgets
  • Big Calendar
  • Small Calendar
  • Cellular Toggle
  • Contacts Widget
  • Mobile Data Tracker
  • Offline Widget
  • 2G/3G Widget
  • BT Widget
  • Profiles Widget
  • Operator Widget
  • RSS Feed Widget
  • Silent Widget
  • Weather Widget
  • New Digital Clock Transparent
  • New mini Analog Clock
  • New Digial Clock full Transparent
  • New Digital Clock Mini (Meego Style)
  • New Flip Clock
  • New Text Clock
  • Notes Widget
  • New Contacts Comms widget
  • Gallery Widget Ported From 808.
  • New Bootscreen (Powre Belle V3.0)
  • Browser cache to E
  • Camera Sound Disable by Camera Tone 1
  • New Conversation Msg edition
  • Logs Age (can be set 999 days)
  • OVI signin Disabled
  • Download resume on restart
  • Enable New Menu icons

  1. Device Manager
  2. USB
  3. Connection Manager
  4. Wi-Fi

  • Extra Symbol 5 page in msg selection
  • New Browser 8.3.11 ported from 808
  • KillMe Apps. version 1.36 (Added in ROM)
  • Home Screen wallpaper Changed
  • More Symbols in Powre Menu (Added in ROM)
  • Songs data can be edited (Added in ROM)
  • Popup Clock N9 style (Added in ROM)
  • Quick Lock Version 1.0 (Added in ROM)
  • Rom Patcher+ 3.1  (Added in ROM)
  • More Patches Added

      How To add Patches in "Add to Auto" or "Add to Domainserv" Click here
  1. BlockGPRS.rmp
  2. c2z4binBelleFixedbyiExtraX7.rmp
  3. ChangeDeviceId.rmp
  4. ChangeSoundParametersPath.rmp
  5. CRepository4all.rmp
  6. IncreaseSoundInLoudspeaker.rmp
  7. Install Server RP+ v1.7.rmp
  8. InstallServer RP+v1.4.rmp
  9. InstallServerRP+.rmp
  10. KeyLightEffects.rmp
  11. MixingRuleChangePath.rmp
  12. Open4All RP+.rmp
  13. ReadFullC by xCape.rmp
  14. RemoveHashCheck.rmp
  15. RemoveRecordingTone_S^3.rmp
  16. SaveClipboardAfterReboot(ForMod).rmp
  17. ShowRAMandROM(S^3).rmp
  18. Super Program Locks.rmp

  • installserver.exe Added in Rom
  • Rom patcher+ 3.1 added in Auto Start.
  • 10 Homescreens Allowed
  • 16 Backgrounds wallpaper added
  1. android.jpg
  2. beautiful.jpg
  3. boy-girl-love.jpg
  4. Earth-but.jpg
  5. flower.jpg
  6. func.jpg
  7. ipad black-knight.jpg
  8. ipad.jpg
  9. Iphone.jpg
  10. Keeley Hazell.jpg
  11. Kitty.jpeg
  12. nokia_n8.jpg
  13. Powerbelle.jpg
  14. toye-free.jpg
  15. Troll-face.jpg
  16. Wall.jpg
  • Base pkg effects for E drive (Added in C drive)
  • Latest "The Amazing Effects " by JinHao
  • Note:- If you want to use Theme FX apps in your phone Please delete "Base pkg effects for E drive" files from C drive via X-Plore apps.

     Note:- If you using already X-Plore apps in your phone please uninstall first before flashing, its Mandatory.

     How to Remove Base pkg file from C Drive
  1. C:\Resource\Effects\manifest.mf
  2. C:\Resource\Skins\101f84b9\101f84b9.sel
  3. C:\sys\Bin\aknskinsrv.dll
             Note:- Before deleting above files please turn off your Theme Effects from Settings/Themes/General/goto option and set it OFF. Reboot your phone and install Theme FX apps.
        • Default Profiles Can be Edited
        • domainsrv.exe Added in Rompatcher
        • FM Radio Landscape
        • joshlog patch Added (C Drive Can be removed easily via X-plore apps)

              How to Change your widget skin with Joshlog Patch Click here 

             How to remove Joshlog patch from C drive:-
        1. Rename C:\sys\bin\AknIcon.dll file
        2. AknIcon.dllold
        3. reboot your phone and Delete "AknIcon.dllold" file.
        4. joshlog patch will delete.

                • Super Kinetic scrolling added (in C drive Can removed Easily via X-Plore Apps)
                • Battery Life Increasing.
                • no vibration in Hard key lock (it will be enabled if you wish, just ask me...)
                • All files can be Send via Bluetooth
                • Headphone Sound Improved
                • (Just Enable "ChangeSoundParametersPath.rmp" patch in Rompatcher and add in "Add to Domainserv" Restart your phone and enjoy super Sound in Headphone)
                • SysAp 3.0 Added
                • Restart Button In Power Menu
                • Short Vibration alert in Call up & Call End (Both side)
                • X-plore Apps added in Full Version
                • (Note:- in menu X-plore apps have Two icons "X-Punrg" & "X-Plore", just open once "X-Punrg" and close it then open "X-Plore" no waiting for Three Seconds)
                • New Music Player 17.1.3 Ported From 808 (Searching song only in E:\Music & F:\Music Fixed)
                • Dolby Digital Option In Music Player
                • Dolby Digital Sign on Notification bar (Shown only When Headphone Connected)
                • New Task swither Ported From FP1
                • High Memory on Startup 135+ RAM
                • Reduced App closing delay time
                • Heap size increased to 512 instead of default 128
                • max retries for caching set to 8 instead of default 2
                • increasing Startup RAM
                • disabling Phonebook, Calendar, Messages, Clock, Search & QTAppBooster on startup.
                • JAVA Fix (No more permission msg. for java apps and other stuff)
                • Save clipboard even after reboot
                • Rename apps in menu & also create sub folders in folders
                • New Battery Indicator Android Style (Made By Skull ATos)
                • Latest pips installer Added Version 1.7 
                • Latest qt added, Version 4.7
                • Latest qt-components added, version 1.1
                • Latest qt mobility added, version 1.2
                • Latest qt webkit Added, version 4.8
                • Latest SSO (ROM Upgradtion) added, version 1.6.202 (2012)
                • Latest lkmservice added, version 1.1.21137
                • Latest opeservice Added, Version 3.30.12 (July 2012)
                • Latest ovi storeclient added, version 3.30
                • Latest ovi store nfc plugin added, Version 3.30 (new release 2012)
                • Latest Quality Improvement added, version 2012.
                • Latest CWRT Core added, version 1.00(11124)
                • Signal Server Upgrade
                • Symbian OS PIP Service Upgrade
                • Qt Quick components added
                • Ready to install folder added in E:\ drive,
                • Screen Snap apps available in E:\Readytoinstall folder
                • Now Playing Apps available in E:\Readytoinstall folder

                Removed Apps From UDA

                Go to Download Section for Downloading these apps.
                if you unable to download above mention apps, You can download these apps from OVI Store too.

                For Screen Shot of this power belle Click Here

                Bugs Removed:-

                Warning Tone Appear...

                Personal Recommendation:-
                Flash your phone with Dead USB Method via phoenix With This CFW.

                Please use Phoenix version 2011.46.002.47246 for best Result.

                Please Backup of your all phone's data before flashing and Backup your msgs and contacts via Nokia Suite too.

                How to Flash this CFW with Dead USB Method via Phoenix Click Here

                Important note:- Please use all files from the above link...

                ----- Rofs2 -------(Inside the Rofs2 -------> RM-675_111.030.0609_24.01_India_79u_prd.rofs2.fpsx
                ------Rofs3 -------(Inside the Rofs3 -------> RM675_059B8M2_111.030.0609_021.dcp
                ------Rofs3 -------(Inside the Rofs3 -------> RM675_059B8M2_111.030.0609_021.vpl
                ------Rofs3 -------(Inside the Rofs3 -------> RM675_059B8M2_111.030.0609_021_signature
                ------Rofs3 -------(Inside the Rofs3 -------> RM-675_111.030.0609_00.01_79u_prd.rofs3.fpsx
                ------Rofs3 -------(Inside the Rofs3 -------> rm675_ENO_v_0.0514_APEONLY.fpsx)
                ------Core --------(Inside the Core --------> RM-675_111.030.0609_79u_prd.core.fpsx
                ------Clean UDA---(Inside the Clean UDA ---> RM-675_111.030.0609_U05.01_79u.uda.fpsx

                The above file must be there inside your "RM-675 folder" and flash the all above mention files, if you using your own file except of the above mention files then may be your phone not bootup...

                Known Bug :-

                Silent Icon Not appear while phone in Silent MOD bcoz of Sysap.
                After Pressing "Power Off" White Screen appear for 5-6 Seconds bcoz of Sysap.

                Hard Reset Effect.
                Ovi Store will gone.
                Latest QT will gone.

                Solution for after hard reset get back 

                Click here for OVI Solution after Hard Reset.

                Note :- All the Above Attachment link in 7.Zip compressed if you unable to extract above attachment files please download 7.zip software for PC Click Here

                Download Power Belle V3.1 here only Media fire link.


                Please Share Your Screen Shot Here...


                Taylor - For Widgets leaks.
                Manish - For Text clock and Note Widget for Rofs.
                Il.Socio - Rompatcher, Nokia Cooker and a lot more.
                CodeRUS - A lots of mods..
                Sklchan - Few cenrep mods
                Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
                iExtraX7 - Several pretty good mods.
                erorcun for porting 808 gallery widget
                Princess@Sátiro - Mod More Ram for Apps! 
                Walter Perez Ferreira - for Few Mods
                STRATEGIST - for AIO MODs and CFW Guide.
                SkullATOS - for Avkon file.
                Mbleyot for Conversation mod
                JinHao for The Amazing Effects for Theme
                Joshlog for Joshlog Patch

                for Calender Skin :- shahspik

                Big Analog Clock Skin :- leminhhai111
                New Camera Interface & Shelf Music Player Skins : ali30n

                Power Belle V3.1 © Normas Interruptor.

                Important Warning :- 

                If you using any CFW in your phone, Your phone warranty could be lost.

                I remind you that, I am not taking any responsibility in case of damage / problems of any kind arising from the flash or using this firmware on your device.


                1. Replies
                  1. Links Enable Soon.... its under processing... trying to upload Power Belle V2.0 on the uploading site... but my pc's not well so its take a time.... :P

                    I hope it will be enable Today or Tomorrow...

                  2. i hope all the things u want available in Tomorrow... so just stay touch with blog...

                2. This comment has been removed by the author.

                3. AWESOMEEEEE BRO !!!!!
                  Downloading now ;)

                4. Hi Normas, i'd like to remove India Today since in Brazil its kinda useless ;P
                  is there a way?

                  1. Just try to delete it from the menu.

                  2. yes mate... i have the same issue for that... and so many users msg me regarding this issue.... well i'll try to find solution for that.. if i found the solution then i make a post for that...

                    just stay touch with Blog.

                5. the links are gone plz renew

                6. i think this cfw is awsome but mediafire says u cant download plz fix this problem

                7. i want this power belle for my nokia 500

                  1. do voting for that... poll option available on top right side, and please share this blog with your friends who using Nokia 500 or C7 or C6-01 and ask for voting...

                8. im having 111.020.0067 version installed in my phone

                  1. Mate... sorry for say that... but if the most voted phone would be Nokia 500 then next power Belle V2.0 for belle 111.020.059 only.

                9. seems to be amazing fw i cant wait 2 have it in my c7 pleze renew the media fire links quickly

                  1. about the link... will enable soon.... just stay touch with blog please.

                10. Replies
                  1. about the link... will enable soon.... just stay touch with blog please.

                  2. i want 2 knw ze date r u want 2 make it like ze exclusive movies on tv

                11. http://www.mediafire.com/error.php?errno=999

                  Link Set Private....But Why??? Iam so eager to use power belle :(

                12. http://www.mediafire.com/error.php?errno=999

                  Link Set Private....

                  please give any other link

                  power belle is really powerful

                13. Replies
                  1. Mate before flashing please read the Full Post.

                    and link enabled now.

                14. Just Flashed with Power belle V2.1.....Its awesome....Iam really a power belle fan....Its nice

                  but When I click on power button there is no option for reboot..:(....It was one of the reason I wanted new version of power belle...leaving this bug all other things are awesome :) :D

                  1. Mate... about the restart button... install X-plore apps... X-plore apps available in
                    E:\Readytoinstall folder and after installing this apps please Copy and paste all files from E:\Tweaks folder to C:\ Drive then restart your phone..... after restarting in your phone have restart button in power menu.

                    I remove this option because Domainserv.exe file not supported Camera, and i also mention this on my post above.

                  2. i also flashed but my c7 is dead.how u did it dhaval?

                  3. Hey Mitesh..!!!I think You should ask Normas as he is the maker of Power belle....I just put all the files of firmware in C:/program files/nokia/phoenix/product/RM-675 and directly flashed with phoenix dead phone flashing no calibrating core and other things needed...just put the files in folder and flash..:) Thats it.......Power belle is awesome!!☺ ☻

                15. Sad Add Social re NOt Working Even Flashed with OFW UDa sad

                  1. Really sorry for that... Currently Social Apps Not working in This CFW... we will fix this in Next version.

                16. PLz help re Nice Cfw BUT it needs Social re

                  1. Mate... User Another CFW which is have Social Apps Working....

                17. can u little elabrate how to refurbrish and other steps pllls pls

                18. i cant install it when i install it after clicking the refurbishing button the box opens and then if i press ok and then i connect my phone it either gets closed or it shows error or either retry for v2.1 of c7 pls help me pls pls pls i was so expected to download it bt i cant pls help me

                  1. mate just see this tutorial how to flash your phone ....


                  2. bro my problem is i want to know when to connect my phone during refurbishing so pls pls pls tell me step by step when to connect the phone and how and other proceeding steps

                  3. Mate.. download phoenix 2011 version after download all power Belle V2.1 files, after every thing complete....

                    Install phoenix... om C Drive and extract all power belle V2.1 files in any folder....

                    after successfully installing phoenix... right click on Phoenix Desktop icon and go to properties and click on Open file Location, when you entered in the File location then open Product folder there... after open product folder make a new folder inside the "Product folder" with name of RM-675 and copy your all power belle V2.1 files and paste into RM-675 folder which is you make it in Product folder.

                    then see the Tutorial how to flash with Dead USB method...


                    for more help ask on Facebook with me or join with me on live chat.

                19. How to add restart button.....can u tell me step by step??

                  1. First... install X-plore apps in your phone... go to E:\Readytoinstall folder there is x-plore apps available.. and after installing this apps...

                    go to Tweak folder via X-plore apps... and select all files and folder in Tweaks folder and copy and paste it in C drive only...

                    how to copy and paste any item via X-plore apps go here and see..


                20. hey buddy sorry for interrupting can you please tell me if i use OFW Udu+all other power belle files then which all feature will be not available????
                  only restart button right????

                  1. Mate.. restart button also not available in This CFW's UDA too... use your OWN OFW Uda or Use power Belle V2.1 UDa...u need to move all files and folder in C Drive via X-plore apps From Tweaks Folder.

                    after using your own UDA... you will get... Search Widget... Vlingo...and many more apps.. but social not working after using any UDa... bcoz... Some Mod Not Compatible with Social in this CFW...

                21. thanks for your reply bro...i already tried that one.....
                  thank you very very very much for power belle its awesome..
                  awesome music player with Dolby i really liked...
                  i really appreciate your work...

                  1. You are welcome mate... and thanks to you for using my power belle V2.1

                22. Replies
                  1. bdy just swtch off your phone connect to pc start pheonix and follow the tutorial

                  2. pls elaborate the steps dude would u pls

                  3. @ vidyadhar rai :- Thanks to you buddy for helping here. :)

                    @ Sagar :- join me on FB for more help about flashing if you have any confusion.

                  4. its showing that boot rom was not found so unable to flash what should i do pls help me

                  5. first... Connect your USB cable with your PC or Laptop do not connect your phone with pc and laptop, okay...

                    then do all the Steps for flashing in phoenix, and click refurbish... when the popup window appear on your pc screen E.G. [im]http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/2017/nokiaphoenixdeadflashin.jpg[/im]

                    then Switch off your phone and after fully switch off connect with the USB cable... that's it.

                23. Super Awesome... Thanks for this Awesome CFW.

                24. Replies
                  1. Mate just try the above method... if this method does not work with you then please.. watch the video for that. or join me on FB.... if you using Teamviewer then please share your Teamviewer version ID and Pass key with me.on FB msg inbox.

                  2. no use dude it starts and the n shows error man

                  3. 1)switch off ur cell
                    2)connect usb cable to phone
                    3)now connect it pc
                    4)goto C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\ create RM-675 folder(or if u installed phoenix in other folders go there and goto phoenix folder then product fol thrn crete rm-675 folder)
                    5)copy all files of power belle 2.1 to inside the rm-675 folder
                    6))goto C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix(or where u installed phoenix) search phoenix.exe right click there and click run as a administrator
                    7) in phoenix click file>open product>click rm-675
                    8)click on flashing>firmware update
                    9)click on product code>serach for 059b8m2 double click on that
                    10)click the dead phone flashing
                    11)click option you can see all the file if there any file in red font(like RM-675_M021.25.emmc.fpsx)single click on that then delete it(total 5 mandatory files should be there)click ok then click refurbish and do whtever it say it should be in same order...

                  4. @james : thanks mate... for this help

                25. hey bro thanks for power belle 2.1 its awesome but i followed all the steps
                  i installed xplore apps and copy and paste the all files from tweak folder to c drive some files copied but its cannot copy sys folder..its showing an error cannot create sys folder...
                  please help me..

                  1. Mate... just enable Rompatcher Patches first.... here is tutorial for that...

                    Click Here for Tutorial

                  2. thank u very much mate it worked...
                    keep Symbian alive mate...

                26. hey bro symbian developer is not working:(

                  1. What do you mean.. Symbian Developer not working.... ????

                27. i get a problem as if HRESULT error what to do


                29. AFTER 100% PROG COMMUNICATIN ERROR.

                  1. Mate... which version of phoenix you are using...

                    if you using 2012 version then please revert back ... and install 2011 version.


                    if you using 2011 version so please flash with OFW first.. for revive your phone again..

                    if don't know where to find OFW...

                    Click Here

                  2. I had download firmware files from this page from mediafire..

                  3. is now ur phone working Mitesh

                  4. Yes it is working but have flashed it from navifirm OFW. this firmware is not working.

                30. Is the firmware files from mediafire working?? it is working then help me i got communication error..after 100% prog..

                  1. wait for new version... may be your problem will be fix in next update...

                31. Hey, I tried to download but the mediafire links provided says that it these links have been made private.. Can u pl make it public n downloadable?

                  1. Link enable Soon again...........

                    i'm trying to uploading my next update Version Power Belle V2.2 but from my side i'm facing internet problem that's why link enabling delay...

                    Sorry for this Inconvenience... !!!

                32. dude... want to ask... is it the language chinese available after i flashed?

                33. hey i doubt man nw i hv given and my c7 is gud... in phoneix if i try by flashing the connection as usb 1 will i be able to get power belle and when will v2.2 will release i hope it will solve my problem

                34. Normas..!!!Please Give me tutorial....I dont know how to add custom symbols with that font creator :(

                35. PLz do Realease Power belle 3.0 asap this Week(2 Days With Social Fixed) Love Power belle
                  But A Smartphone needs FB etc. Plz do release early as i have to go Out for college now
                  i will not have my P.C their Plz Release T.Y

                  Help ME

                36. thanx Normas for your hardwork... But when gonna make link enable for us

                  1. Link Enable Very soon mate... 70% project power belle V3.0 project complete... i hope it will be available so soon.

                37. could you please open the change log in power belle 3.0

                38. please give step by step guide for updating to power belle v3.0 for laymen.
                  Best of luck & thanks for your dedication...

                  1. Mate... First of all its only in English... no other language support..
                    yes when it will available i will provide the step by step guide how to install it.

                39. Replies
                  1. Mate... Who said social not working... its working mate...

                    just see


                  2. I said Ty= Thanks 1 problem When i install Microsoft app i loose the font and Gallery not openin just blank screen for 2 sec and closes

                    So i Flashed again and didnot update microsoft app 2.0

                40. mate i got at last my dream came true its awesome thnx thnx a 1000 times

                41. I said Ty= Thanks 1 problem When i install Microsoft app i loose the font and Gallery not openin just blank screen for 2 sec and closes
                  So i Flashed again and didnot update microsoft app 2.0

                  1. mate... just note... if you facing any problem.. after installing any apps.. don't do flashing again... just do hard Reset your device.... your phone auto flash after that.

                  2. hey mate i flashed my friend phone he got same problem while installing the maps update so i formatted mass memory and uninstalled all apps from memory card and flashed again now its working fine..so i think its imp to do a hard reset or remove all the apps(from memory card n mass memo)...and i didnt installed Microsoft apps....

                42. [im]http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/2171/scr000021v.jpg[/im]

                43. What is Domain server and what will happen when i put patch files in domain server in place of Auto??

                  And Ur V3 of power belle is nic.....just going to upload sceen shots in few hours

                  1. Mate... Domainserv.exe is the most important part for Patches... some patches work with this exe,

                    Just Enable "ChangeSoundParameter.rmp" patch from your ROMpatcher.. and add it to "Add to Domainserv" and reboot your phone... after reboot... just plugin your headphone.. and play music player.... and feel the difference.. i mean.. more sound enabled in your Headphone :P

                    before.... enable this patch... just play a song in music player and set your Music Player Volume in any state... then follow the patch method... which is i'm talking about... after reboot you have feel the difference :)

                44. sorry... no help regarding 610 version.

                45. which fonts yu hve used in your cfw

                46. Actually Two way available for you first for Downgrade and second one... for make your own CFW for you :)

                47. mate will u port the belle topbar as in fp 1 to clear msgs like that??

                48. i already updated maps apps its working fine...i didnt updated microsoft apps...

                  1. Thanks for the update feedback...

                    this update feedback updated on the post !


                49. Finally I have updated to V3.0, its amazing. Many features added are superb.

                  Thanks a lot.....

                  After use will give feedback.

                  1. i hope before using this you will read all above post.

                  2. I used Maps but i have a problem with navigation ( i mean navigation is working but the voice is not working )

                  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

                50. hey voice navigation is working fine...update the maps apps then goto store sign in there again u'll get maps apps update..download n update then restart uwa phone...goto maps>setting>maps & walk>voice guidance select any language u want it will ask for download.........

                  1. do the same foe drive app also....
                    another best feature is you can download maps from maps loader(whole india's map or states maps etc..) and you can use navigation in offline mode...

                51. the cfw is amazing bt what about the camera man i want some camera mods for c7 power belle

                52. i have put arabic lang in rofs2 every thing is ok except that there is not an arabic keyboard dnt knw y nd i have put this arabic in other cfw nd it worked fine

                  1. Just do one thing... Extract Keyboard which is worked in another CFW i mean... when you added your Language file in other CFW then keyboard appear with your language so just extract these keyboard file from


                    XX is your Language code...

                    01 code for English....

                    just extract above files and add those above file in Power Belle Rofs2 and flash with your language...

                    if this method is not work then use same font which is you using in your Other CFW.

                53. power belle v3 always good but not call option for nimbuzz and fring and skype

                54. fix this power belle v3 nimbuzz and fring and skype and other language arabic

                  1. Nimbuzz Working fine mate.... and about the Skype can't say... and fring i hope its working too.... did you test it... in power belle V3.0 any one of them.

                55. there is one bug when we play the call recording file, it always gives error operation cancelled what is the solution for this, rest is superb cfw.

                56. This comment has been removed by the author.

                57. thanks for this...theme effects are awesome.......

                58. thanks mate for this awesome o. s.

                  But i want nokia video editor badly
                  please share me a link here to download it

                  1. if you want to get back video player, please flash your phone with all power belle Files except for UDA, Just Use your Own UDA...

                59. Last time, I've downloaded all of the file.
                  But now, I cant download ROFS3 & Other.
                  It said, the file is private.

                  Can you help me please..

                60. mate were to download v3.1 from that same linkk mentioned above aaa??

                  1. Mate if you see the post carefully then you notice title of the post has been changed which is earlier is Power Belle V3.0... and now its Power Belle V3.1 change log are same as in power belle V3.0 only few thing are change just like, New keyboard, Camera icons changed, Warning Sound Enable, Java Game Sound Enable etc.

                    For the Download above is for Power Belle V3.1

                61. since the download link shows v3.0 i asked??

                62. dear, i was format my mobile by your cfw but now official belle fresh is rolling out and my nokia c7 is not showing that... Plz tell me how can update to that

                63. will you update the same in belle refresh ?

                64. i cant see updates of 111.40.1511 in my phone(c7)pw3.0 but in navifirm its there about 300mb...
                  whats new in this update???is there any way to update it in ota???

                  1. nope bdy im not downloading it...i'll wait for power belle 4... please complete it as soon as possible....

                  2. Thank you for waiting for that... but mate... Belle Refresh also is cool.

                  3. im downloading belle refresh...i want Kinetic scrolling..is there any way to add it without hacking my phone....

                  4. mate.. without hack you can't do anything with your phone.. so just hack your phone and install power patch... you will get 7 new feature including kinetic scrolling too.

                  5. hey mate belle refresh is not so good compare to power belle...little smooth and performance is better than belle....but it lack of many many feature compare to power belle..so please please release new power belle soon....

                  6. Mate... actually i'm still using Power Belle V3.1 :P

                    but i'm working on that project i hope you will get soon.

                  7. hey bdy u told me that belle refresh is good so i flashed my cell...now i cant go back i want power belle....belle refresh is good for people who dont know about CFW...

                  8. wait... i will do something for you....

                  9. bdy i tried everything i can....pheonix show 100% programming complete but phone is not booting up it will show communication error(both pw3.1 and belle OFW)but when flash with belle refresh it works fine....

                  10. mate... i already said to you you can't go back with any previous version directly. You need to follow downgrade procedure.

                  11. wat is downgrade procedure bdy?????? my pone camera is not working in belle refresh i dont know y.....anybody gotta same problem????its works fine in pw3.0..

                  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

                  13. when i press camera key(or icon in menu)the camera icon appear and stuck there only...i also tried hard reset...

                  14. mate... that mean something wrong with firmware ... ??? where you download it from this firmware ???

                  15. i dont know bro...i downloaded it from navifrim...

                  16. okay... so mate.. just do one thing... tell me did you edit some mods in your firmware or you using Original Firmware.?????

                  17. im using OFW downloaded from navifrim 1.7 prod code is 059b7v9...i didnt hack my phone ...

                  18. MATE... find here for belle refresh for C7 and download and try to flash with this.

                  19. nope bdy all other things are working fine but camera is not working...

                65. i upgraded to belle refresh now i cant downgrade to power belle 3.1:(:(:(:(

                  1. yes mate you right .. if you using or upgrading with Belle Refresh then you can't use it back power belle V3.1 because power belle Based on 111.030.609 version and Belle Refresh based on 111.040.1511 so belle refresh have higher version that's why you unable to go back on power belle V3.1.........

                66. Dear please make power belle based on 111.040.1511 for C7.

                  1. Mate..... can't say about the next version of power belle.... bcoz of short of time...might be this was a last (Power belle V3.1) version from my side... or may be the next version could be last.

                    But when i feel free i will try to make it new version with belle refresh.

                67. Normas Congratulations for your effort :)

                68. how to flash the power belle?what i do.please tell me..

                  1. Make sure you not using the Belle refresh version in your phone.... if you not using belle refresh then download all power belle files and flash it.

                  2. All flashing procedure already mentioned.

                69. I was using Belle Refresh. It was working fine for me. after trying to install Power Belle, as shown on your site, my C7-00 is dead. just before installing Factory settings. Please help me. My C7-00 is not booting up now. How to restore my C7-00? Please Please Help

                70. I was using Belle Refresh. It was working fine for me. after trying to install Power Belle, as shown on your site, my C7-00 is dead. just before installing Factory settings. Please help me. My C7-00 is not booting up now. How to restore my C7-00? Please Please Help. Continuously showing Communication Error. Not detecting my phone. plz help

                  1. Mate.... just flash with ... Belle Refresh ... after flashing your phone revive again.

                  2. thank u very much. my phone has came back to life & is working with belle refresh

                  3. Mate... you know why its happen... Belle Refresh is the higher version and power belle based on Lower version... so in firmware... you can't flash with lower version if you using.. higher version....

                    Any way now your problem has been solved .... enjoy :)

                71. Thank a lot for urr quick response. I really appreciate. any thing new for my c7 ? is Viber working on nokia c7 ?

                  1. Yes mate... Currently Viber working... with all symbian^3 device... :)

                  2. It is nor working on my c7 Belle Refresh. I have already hacked it. Can u plz give me the link. Thanks in advance.

                  3. Mate... if viber not working in your phone... so may be belle refresh not supported that apps.

                    Try to find this apps on N8fanclub site.... and try to use.

                72. I m using Belly refresh.... Can i flash with Power Belly on my Nokia C6-01... Plz Tell

                  1. No mate.. you can't flash it .. if you using Belle Refresh....

                  2. no mate.. Power Belle Based on 111.030.0609... and belle refresh greater then power belle version.... so you can not flash with this cfw.

                73. hi good day! im using your cfw powerbelle 3.1 but while flashing almost at the end of the process, waiting response counting appear, till it stop and to confirm that the flashing is failed.tried to diagnose failure by replacing the cfw to ofw and its done succesfully. checked the filed i downloaded seem everything is ok. By the way thanks you for this cfw.Just stamble to the google looking for cfw and found your blog thanks man.need your help.

                74. HI good day to you, I stamble to google looking for cfw for my c7 that why i found your blog and find it interesting. Im in the process of flashing my c7 while at the end of the flashing a message appear "waiting for response" and counting, til it stop and to confirm that flashing is failed.tried to diagnose by using OFW downloaded from your site also and flashing success! could you help me with my problem.by the way I already downloaded twice your cfw to make sure but its still failed on flashing.Thanks alot more power to you.

                75. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.