How to Replacing Default Theme In Rofs2.

Hello Everyone....

So many people Here wants to replacing default theme in there CFW.... here is the Solution for that...

Follow The Setps Care Fully...

Extract your favorite theme via SISContents (before Extracting plz note the Theme UID number of your theme) -

After Extracting you will have 2 folders Privateresource.

Just Drag n Drop the both Folder in your Rofs2 

Note:- .pkg file not important...

Now open "101F876F.txt" file


and see the entry 0x14

just add ur theme UID here

0x14 string "add your theme uid here" 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail

and save this file..

Save Your Rofs2 and Flash your phone With Dead USB Method...


  1. i did this in xeon 3.3 but it did not work.. any other way how to do it?? thanks

    1. This is happen some time... the only other way is... just use your sis file and install it after flashing successful.

  2. hi i have nokia 5230 i want to install quick office and adobe reader in my rofs how do i do it
    and where can i get the respective files

    1. just extract Adobe reader and Quick Office via Siscontent and drag n drop in your rofs.