Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Power Belle V3.0 Release for C7-00 (RM-675) only for English.

After log time waiting good news for Power Belle Users, Power Belle V3.0 released for C7-00 (RM-675) Users. Before Downloading Power Belle Files please read the Whole post of power Belle V3.0.

For Downloading Power Belle V3.0 Click Here 


Go to Power Belle CFW section from the menu and click on C7-00 (RM-675)


  1. hey bro this time it didnt work man..:(
    i succesfully flashed my phone..
    it worked but very slow...it took about 30 min complete the installation(swype and other6)...
    then i updated only social from updates...
    it asked for restart i pressed restart button after that it didnt switched on just nokia logo will come help me....

    1. mate Why you updating Social apps i already give a link for that... by the way.. social working fine with me and other users too...

      do hard reset with Three hard key first and after flashing... don't turn on theme effect just use another theme effect may be jin hao latest theme effect little bit laggy...

      after successful restart install social apps

    2. This CFW tested my own C7, and i had test this CFW for 72 hours... no issue with me...and after you comment i've uninstalled my Social apps and reinstalled with Social update... its working fine with me mate.... no issue..just flash again mate...

  2. hey mate i again flashed my phone this time i formatted my Edrive and uninstalled all the apps from memry card....it working fine now...last time restored content from nokia suit which i backed up earlier this time i didnt...thanksss mate it is awesome...now i'm not waiting for FP1 or FP2...i'm only waiting for power belle 4.0 and 5.0............:)

    1. finally its working with you... just install social too mate... and try and plz share your screen shot.. on the power belle V3.0 post.. how to share your screen shot...

      just use this tag

      [im]your image link[/im]

      that's it.... and click on publish button...

    2. yup bdy its perfect social is working now....just give me some time i'll upload my screenshot....thanks again man....

    3. thanks for your feedback... i will update it your hard reset point.. actually i forget to mention this.. now i've add this on the power belle V3.0 post.

    4. [co="Blue"]Mate i'm waiting for your screen shot.[/co]

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  4. [im]http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/2171/scr000021v.jpg[/im]

  5. In step 7, product code comes blank.
    It did not detect any firmware.
    so please help me.

    1. Mate just follow this instructions ...


    2. I completely follow dead usb flashing via pheonix but In step 7, product code comes blank.
      So please tell me where i put all of the firmware file in my laptop so it can detect the firmware.

    3. Mate... First Download all files and then Make a new folder with the name of RM-675 and move your all downloaded files (Note:- All files currently in zip format so please extract it first.) in this folder RM-675, then make sure in this folder have 8 files...
      then copy this folder in

      C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\

      now open phoenix and follow the all steps...

    4. if you not understand so please watch the video how to flash with it.

      Click Here for Video.