Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Changing Widget Skin With Joshlog Patch.

How to Change Widget Skin with Joshlog...

Many People Don't know about the Joshlog Patch, its Wonderful patch for Widget Skin lover, with this patch you don't need to install sis file of your favorite widget skin in your phone just use your widget Skin .mif file and drag n drop in your phone's E:\resource\Apps\ folder.

PC or Laptop.

First connect your phone as "Mass Storage mod" with your PC / Laptop via your phone's USB cable.

how to set "Mass Storage Mod" in your phone -> Open your phone menu->go to Settings->Connectivity->USB->Mass Storage Mod.

After connection your phone with pc open your phone's "E" drive in your pc, (Note:- Some pc's Show's it as Mass Memory or Some Pc Show's as Removable Disk)

Download your Favorite Widget in your pc or Laptop it doesn't matter your widget in sis format or it have only .mif file.

if you've downloaded your widget in sis format then just Extact your widget first  with "siscontent"
how to Extract sis format widget via Siscontent click here

Open Your Widget Extracted folder in your pc and open resource\Apps folder


Copy .Mif file

open your Phone's "E" Drive in your pc, Open Resource Folder and Open Apps folder and paste your favorite widget skin .mif file there Overwrite if ask.

after done all above steps Reboot your phone.

Congratulation Your Widget Skin Successfully Changed.

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