Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Remove Joshlog Patch

If you want to get back your all default Widget Skin Icon or if you feel Joshlog Patch not good or Joshlog patch have any problem and you want to delete this, So here is procedure for that...Just follow the steps carefully.

  • Open X-Plore Apps.

  • Go to C:\sys\bin\ folder and find the file AknIcon.dll

  • Rename this file  AknIcon.dll to AknIcon.dllold


  • Restart your phone

  • Again open X-Plore apps and again go to C:\sys\Bin\ folder and Delete this file AknIcon.dllold

  • Now your Joshlog patch is removed. 


  1. hello,can you tell me where to add these patches in CFW?

  2. one question what will happen to the .mif's in E: drive,
    they will be wasting space??

    1. Yes some mif is waste but whole mif not waste bcoz sometime we installing a apps and apps ask where you want to install this apps C or E or F so sometimes we will select E drive then that apps mif also there is its not waste fully.

      Don't worry its only around 5 MB space so its not a big space.


  3. my nokia 603 fp1 is hacked. I installed the patch for 603 but cant put a biganalogue clock.mif file in e/resource/apps folder. Keep getting error. I have also hacked with recent changes to enable theme effects. And noticed that there is no bin folder in c/sys. Please help.i want widgets badly but m stuck.

    1. mate... do you using X-plore apps... bcoz C:\sys\bin\ folder is system folder so make sure you using right apps for viewing C drive folders.

      what error you getting while installing biganalogue clock.

  4. i was missing open4all patch. Have solved the problem. Now i can use your one click installation. You did a great job in creating that thing.thanks

  5. Thank you for this page. I was relieved when I landed here to remove the Joshlog Patch. But anyways, your idea on "All in one patch" is awesome and is definitely time saving, rather than applying one patch at a time. I just wanted the "make/end call vibra" and the "gravity free kinetic scrolling". The "sis file sending via native browser" and "profile renaming" is a bonus feature for me. Appreciations and thanks a LOTT for this Super patch! ;)