Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Enable ROMPatcher "patches in ROMPatcher and "Add to Auto" Tutorial

     Open your Phone Menu and open ROMPatcher Application from there.


    ROMPatcher's in Open Mod...

    Double Press of any patches which is you want to enable.

    Click on Option button

    Click on "Add to Auto"

    If you want to add your patch in "Add to Domainserv" Just enable your patch which is you want to add in Domainserv

Now check your patch if its in Orange circle its mean its added successfully 

    Now just check the Green icon...if its look like this, done.

If you want to remove any patch from "Add to Auto" Option just one time press the patch which is you want to Remove from "Add to Auto" and open option and press "Remove From Auto"


  1. Replies
    1. i hope this is helpful to all people who never know how to add patches in Rompatcher :)

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